You know the adage “many hands make light work?” You’ve probably heard it a lot… from School Council. But it’s absolutely true. Every little bit of help makes every event Council does all the better.

We often hear from members from the community, “But I don’t know how to help.” We get it! It can seem daunting. But there are many little ways that you can help with the Fall Fair.

(HINT: We always need volunteers. Find out more below or here:

Here’s a breakdown:

I want to help… a little.

Awesome. The best thing you can do is just COME to the Fall Fair. Revenue from our Play All-Day passes, Lunch Tickets, and other items (think bake sale, slime-making, coffee), go directly to supporting the initiatives of Humewood School Council.

Purchase passes online before Thursday, Sept 19 for $20. They’re $25 when purchased at the Fall Fair.

Purchase Play All-Day Passes here:

Purchase Lunch Tickets here:

What do we do with the funds we raise? This past year we’ve purchased technology for the school, helped buy instruments for the music program and new sporting equipment, and So. Much. More.

I want to help… a little more!

Fantastic. There are many things you can do to give us a little hand up.

You can: Donate a salad or baked good! Just email Joanna Barrs to let her know what you’ll be bringing.

You can: Donate books, DVDS, games, and costumes, which will go in the book (and other stuff) sale. Please bring your donations to the back foyer of the school by the lost and found.

I want to help… a fair amount!

You can: Donate an hour of your time. Those bouncy castles the kids love so much don’t run themselves! Give us an hour of your time and we might just let you bounce yourself! And if you Bring a Friend, we’ll give you a free coffee or freezie. Sign up for a shift here:

Also: Did you know that your teenager can earn some volunteer hours by helping at the Fair. Sign them up for one of the Adults and Teens slots here and have them bring their sheet to be signed at the Fair.

Adult and Teen volunteer options:

And the kiddos can get in on it, too. Check out volunteer opportunities for kids in Grade 5-8 here:

I want to help… quite a bit!

Oh, hey friend. Have we got an opportunity for you! Why not be a sponsor?That’s right, Humewood families like you help by sponsoring the Fall Fair.

Sponsoring the Fall Fair can start with as little as $20. You can find out more – or sponsor – here:

It’s because of people like YOU we’re able to have a day like THIS!

I want to help… a lot!

Well, then. Now we’re talking! We can’t invite you over for dinner, but we can invite you to a School Council meeting. We have snaaaacks! It’s also where we scheme all the ways we’re Doing Good at Humewood.

Follow us on Facebook to find out when the next SAC meeting is [hint: It’s Thursday, Oct. 17 from 7-9pm]