For those of you who generously brought in baked goods and salads, please pick up your labeled plates/bowl/trays etc. in Humewood’s foyer. They are on a table near the bathrooms, where we will keep them until Friday, September 28th.

After Friday, everything that has not been claimed will go to the Staff Room. (There are already some unlabeled items in the Staff Room on the trolley.)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Bake Table, Salad Bar and Cupcake Challenge. The success of the Fall Fair is due to your amazing participation!

Thank You!


The Humewood Fall Fair tradition lives on, and just keeps getting bigger and better!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who played a part in making last Saturday’s event the amazing success that it was. First and foremost, THANK YOU to the members of the Fall Fair committee who started working on the event last spring, went all through the summer, and ramped it all up in time for the 22nd! You guys are amazing!!!

And thank you to all of the Parents, Humewood Students, High School students, Humewood Staff and Administration, and Community Members who came out and helped. The fair would not be possible without each and every one of you lending a hand. There are no small parts!

And finally, thank you to the whole Humewood community and neighbourhood who came out to enjoy the day, the rides, the food, and the company.

The Fall Fair is a true community event, and a tradition we all hope will continue for many more years!

Thank you Humewood!