Sweets and Salads


Thank you in advance, Bakers and Salad Makers!  Here are a few notes to keep in mind:

1. Sign up to let us know what you are bringing …

Visit our Signup.com page to sign up.

2. Drop off your salads and/or baked goods …

Please bring your salads to the school on Saturday morning preferably by or before 10 AM and hand them to a volunteer. If you can only bring it in on Friday (during school hours), please make sure your label includes the words “Fall Fair” and find a space in one of the fridges.

If you are bringing baked goods, you can drop them off at the school on Friday (during school hours) or Saturday by or before 10 AM if possible.

3. All items must be nutfree …

4. Please provide a short description of your dish …

Salads: Please print/write the ingredients on a sheet of paper paper at the bottom and leave the space above blank. That way, we can put the bowl on it (so it won’t blow away) and people can read the description. If you have an alternate method (e.g. sticker on the side of the bowl, etc.), go for it!

Baked goods: Please provide a short description of your baked good and any relevant information you want people to know (e.g. gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, from a nut-free home, etc.).

5. Bring baked goods ready to go …

If you are planning on bringing a baked good that requires slicing or individual wrapping, please bring it in pre-wrapped and ready to sell. Since we will be busy setting up, having the food already fully prepped is very helpful.

Please note that most dessert items do not require wrapping; the items that do include treats that are particularly gooey or crumbly. Also note that we accept breads and cakes, which may be sold as a whole (e.g. banana breads, etc.). Homemade jams or jellies are also welcome.

6. Label your containers and dishes …

If you want your to retrieve your containers/Tupperware/bowls/plates after the fair, don’t forget to label them (both lid and vessel). Write your name on masking tape and stick it to the bottom (preferably with a Sharpie or other waterproof marker).

We have serving spoons and tongs, so please do not bring serving pieces. You will be able to pick up your pieces at school during the week following the fair, either in the foyer or staff room.

7. Do not use Mayonnaise for salads

Please refrain from using Mayonnaise for salads or other ingredients that can spoil if left un-refrigerated for extended periods of time.

And a few other notes:

Please rope your friends and extended family into baking a treat or bringing a salad! Spread the word!

Or,  if you (or your partner) are able to volunteer your time on Saturday, please help us out!

In order to ensure that the fair is a success, this event has to be a team effort. So, please volunteer – or sign up an unsuspecting spouse or family member.